Wednesday, February 20, 2019

MERGE Teaching Resources To Inspire Your Learners!

MERGE has been inspiring our learners in amazing ways this year.  

The MERGE cubes and headsets are bringing learning to life in all kinds of ways for our students and it is very exciting to think about all of the experiences we will bring to them in the future months. 
As we plan for lots of fantastic opportunities with the MERGE cubes and headsets,  I have been spending time brainstorming and working on ideas and plans for learning, creating and collaborating between the MERGE resources, CoSpaces, Tinkercad and more. 
One of my favorite places to head is to the MERGE website, where this is a special place for librarians and other educators.
On the MERGE Educators page, I love all of the ways MERGE can transform learning including Bringing Lesson Plans to Life, 
 Bringing Lab Experiments to Life, 
Beyond Books: Immersive Discovery including the importance of bringing MERGE headsets and cubes to libraries for checkout at school and home,
and Bringing Coding and Design to Life.  
At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to Discover all of the MERGE Teaching Resources that are available. 
On this page, you can explore lots of Activity Plans that have been written by educators around the world to help all of us get started with MERGE in our libraries, classrooms and school communities.

First, you will find several for Classroom Teaching in Grades K-5.
 There are social studies, science, reading topics and more. 
Next, you will find even more that tie in Makerspace topics using CoSpaces EDU, Tinkercad and SketchFab.
These MERGE Activity Guides are awesome!  They include everything we need to use these successfully with our students too.
 I love how everything is linked, including the videos...and the Extension Ideas are so cool too!
These are the ones I am really excited about exploring as we are getting ready to kick off 3D printing with three new printers using Tinkercad and MERGE!  

If you are using MERGE in your library or classrooms, they would love to hear your ideas too. 

Let's keep thinking outside of the box with these wonderful products and experiences we are bringing to our students as we change help them change the world. 

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