Monday, February 4, 2019

Creating A Book Love Buncee To Share!

As we kick off Van Meter Reads within our school community in February during Literacy Month, we thought it would be fun to have our students create Book Love Buncee's to share throughout our school and on social media....and of course, tying into Valentine's Day just around the corner too. 

To introduce this Buncee project to our students this week, I created this Google Slide presentation that.... 
....showed them the expectations and directions for creating their Van Meter Book Love Buncee. 

They will be sharing a book they love from our library collection, so we can promote and celebrate the books and eResources within our library. 
They will then use this wonderful Book LOVE Buncee template to add a video of why they love the book, a photo of the cover and anything else they would love to add to make their Buncee special and unique. 
They will also add a QR Code to their Buncee, so when we share by hanging them up and online, anyone will be able to scan that code to see the Buncee online. 
Each student will also be sharing their Buncee on the new Book Love Buncee Board, so we can celebrate books they all love together in one spot.  This makes it very easy to keep all of the Buncee's together as we look at them and share with others.  I love how they can look at others and make a few sweet comments this way too. 
We cannot wait to see what they create about the books they love!  We will be sharing using #vanmeterreads and #librarylove so make sure you follow our creative adventures from Van Meter too. 

If you want to do the Book Love Buncee Project with your students, you will find the link to the Google Slide presentation here

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