Monday, February 2, 2015

I Have A New Favorite Animated Video Creator.....Look What You Can Create With Explee!

It's that time of year.  Time for cold, snowy weather and that brings snow days too.  Today a lot of us have a snow day so why not create something new.  

I have a new favorite that I have been having a lot of fun with lately.  It is called Explee!
With Explee, you can Create, share and discover educational animated video, as their website states. 

When I first read that description, I wondered if it would be tricky to use and create using Explee.  I soon found out during my first video that it was very easy to use....and lots of fun too!  
Explee also has a wonderful Education Account....You can sign up here to get your membership and learn more about why using animated videos is so powerful in education.  
As I said, it is really fun and easy to create animated videos with Explee.  You can use photos of your own or from a library of images they have included.  You can choose from lots of different songs or upload your own.  There are lots of great choices for text....and you can change the color and size. 
One of things I think it so cool about Explee....the Text to Speech feature.  With this you can add up to 140 characters of text, then choose from several different languages and gender.  

Wouldn't this be fun to use with a foreign language class as kids are speaking and listening in different languages.  I love it!  
After you add all of the elements you want to your Explee, you Export it and choose which Privacy you would like for your creation.  

When using it with students, it is really nice to be able to choose if you want it private, not listed or kept private. 
When you Explee is ready, you can also download, share, and even upload your project to YouTube. 

I choose to embed by Explee....and that is what I shared below.  

I hope you have fun checking out Explee....I just know that you will love all that this amazing animated video tool can bring to you and your library or classroom too.  


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  2. Looks like a great tool - one my 4th and 5th graders would ldove to use! Thanks for sharing.

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