Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Wonderful Time At Rutger's For The Speaker Series With Special Friends, Students, and Teachers

Last week I had the honor of traveling to New Jersey to Rutgers University for the MLIS Colloquium Speaker Series event
My dear friend Joyce Valenza, who is the MLIS Program Director at Rutgers School of Communication and Information, invited Laura Fleming and I to speak to their students, teachers, and others on this night at the Alexander Library on campus.  
Not only did I have the best time speaking with my wonderful friend Laura....
 we had such a special time meeting everyone who attended.
Before the event, Joyce, Laura and I had dinner with the MLIS students.
 It was so lovely meeting all of them and I can't wait to talk and learn with them more.
Our presentation Imagine What Is Possible In Your Library took a look into things like space, collection, curriculum, collaboration, connecting, and of course.....creativity.
Laura told the story about how Patrick Carman's series The 49 Clues changed her and her students. We surprised our guests by Skyping with Patrick and hearing about his amazing new series coming soon.
My beautiful friend Lina Gosden from....
BigBrain Resources came too.
Everyone was excited to go through book samples that Lina brought to share.

Thank you to Joyce, Ross, and Connie for bringing Laura and I to your space and to your students.  It was a wonderful time.

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  1. Shannon, my son attended Rutgers and it's such an impressive University! They're always doing wonderful stuff there and this looks like it was another great event! Thanks for sharing :)