Monday, February 23, 2015

A Digital Storytelling Contest From AASL Just In Time For School Library Month

In April we celebrate School Library Month.

This is one of the best times each year to lift up and celebrate school libraries, librarians, children, and what can happen within these beautiful spaces.

This year AASL is bringing all of us something extra special.
They have announced the Digital Storytelling Festival to celebrate the theme of School Library Month this year...

Your School Library....Where Learning Never Ends. 

As the AASL website states...

The contest will focus on: 
  • How does your school library and/or your school librarian help you learn new things?
  • How do the resources (print and digital) of your school library enhance learning?
  • How do the skills acquired in the school library enable learning?
  • How has/does the school librarian encourage learning?
For this contest, students in Pre-K to 12th grade will be creating digital artifacts with with websites from the AASL Best Websites for Teaching & Learning.

Entries are due March 6th and the winners in each category will be announced during School Library Month in April.  


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