Thursday, February 12, 2015

Everything You Need In One Guided Reading Program.....What A Snap! From Snap!Learning

One of my favorite learning companies is Snap!Learning.  

and today I am excited to share their Structured Guided Reading Program
As the website states,  

SNAP has over 130 engaging books and lesson plans for K-6 grades, covering comprehension strategies, oral fluency skills, and K-8 content in history, science, and language arts.  

Developed by literacy specialists, this guided reading program can be printed as books for classroom reading, and accessed on 21st century learning devices for personal learning. 
I think that is one of the best parts....The content can be delivered so many different ways to accommodate all teachers, students, and learning situations.  

The Structured Guided Reading Program can be delivered in a...

Digital format....with over 200 English and Spanish interactive leveled books and lesson plans.

Mobile the free app to have access to 200 English and Spanish interactive leveled books and lesson to use on any iOS or Android tablet.

Printable format.... print any of the 200 English and Spanish level books or lesson plans.

Projectable format.... log into to project any of the 200 English and Spanish leveled books onto a whiteboard and use your smart board digital tools to interact with the books....great for shared reading activities.
I am also so impressed with all of the important Digital Learning Features their Structured Guided Reading Program contains including Interactive Activities, Animated Early Readers, and Word Usage Interactivity.

And just look at a few more of the special features each Structured Guided Reading Level contains....
 There are 200 word flashcards with audio support that accompany the books.
The lesson plan are fully scripted and can be printed and view on a computer or device.  These will be very helpful to those who have had little or no training on guided reading.

A teacher using these plans will also learn as they go with the embedded professional development in each lesson plan.
For the little ones in K-1, there are wonderful extended activities that can be printed or completed on a device.  Activities such as dot-to-dot, tracing and writing, and multiple choice questions will tie all of the reading and learning together in a fun and interactive way for the youngest learners.

Also, many drag and drop story structure and main idea/supporting details graphic organizers are also part of the K-1 materials.

It is so impressive how immediate feedback is given with all of these activities when they are using a device, such as a iPad or tablet.
The reading level books for 2-6 grade contains lots of special features too.

These books are of high interest, engaging, and motivating for students.  They do a great job at supporting English learners, struggling readers, and students with special needs as they contain mostly nonfiction titles.

I love how these guided reading books contain slideshows and rich photographs clarifying the text and videos to illustrate concepts and clarify the text.  The readers can tab on the boldfaced word to get the definition and all text, audio, and interactive maps are available in Spanish too.

There are Fun Facts embedded throughout the books that adds new information to the text.  As well as animations to illustrate a difficult concept of simply to provide a little fun.
Another very essential piece that Snap!Learning has included is that of Assessments.  

Assessments are such an important piece in determining the growth students are making as they work through a guided reading program.  Snap!Learning has included a CLOZE assessment (a summary of the book) and a multiple choice comprehension check for each book.  

When taking these assessments on a device or computer, the scores are captured and stored on the web for item analysis.  

In grades 2-6, the assessment results from one-minute timed fluency tests, the CLOZE assessment, and multiple choice comprehension checks are viewable.  
Let's take a look inside a few of the Snap!Learning guided reading books in print to see what they contain. 
You can see why these print and eBook format.....are so successful in this guided reading approach.  Every reader will enjoy these books.
Here is a glimpse at the books they have available in each level as well....
As you can see, teaching Guided Reading with Snap!Learning's program really is a snap and one that our students will enjoy and grow from. 

And just think how your teachers will feel with all of the support and resources that they need.

You can request for a FREE demo of the SNAP Guided Reading Program here.
You can also connect with Snap! Learning on their website and on Twitter at @snaplearning.

For more information you can scan this QR code or go to 

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