Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BoomWriter.....WOW! You Will See Why It Is The Best Writing Tool For Kids!

How can anyone see this little guy and....
all of his other little friends from BoomWriter and pass them by?  I sure can't.  And if we feel that way.....Just think what our students think!  
And I have to say BoomWriter is definitely "The Best Group Writing Tool" there is....just like the website says. 

I can't wait to tell you more about it....and I bet you will just love it too! 

To start, I want to give you a little background on BoomWriter.  I asked my friends at BoomWriter to share a little with me about how this all started. 

"Our group-writing platform that is free for teachers, allows students to create, share, and even publish stories and other original content. 

The BoomWriter platform makes it easy for teachers to engage their students in key literary elements, by applying concepts such as plot, character development, structure, and voice into their own writing. BoomWriter also facilitates valuable individualized feedback from teachers to students regarding their submissions resulting in an impactful personalized learning experience.

With a presence in over 15,000 classrooms spread throughout more 65 countries, demand for BoomWriter continues to increase. 
In addition to enhancing our collaborative story-writing tool, StoryWriter, we’ve identified new ways to apply our unique reading and writing platform within classrooms and here are some updates on our exciting recent releases including WordWriter and ProjectWriter.
Just prior to the start of the school year, we introduced WordWriter, which resulted in over 1,000 teachers registering on BoomWriter within the first two weeks of its release! 

A new way to learn and teach vocabulary....WordWriter makes vocabulary fun, easy, and engaging and gives it a 21st century technology-twist!  

We believe WordWriter is just the right tool to address the very real need to integrate technology and vocabulary development, and to date there have already been over 3,400 unique words loaded by teachers onto the site!

WordWriter is the perfect tool for teachers to use when assessing students' understanding of key words, terms, and phrases. 

We think WordWriter identifies a real need in vocabulary development and can't wait to see how teachers use WordWriter in their classrooms! "
I loved learning how WordWriter works.....I can just imagine how excited and engaged kids would become when using WordWriter to learn, practice and put vocabulary to use with this amazing tool. 

It truly brings vocabulary to life with the interactive and easy-to-deliver platform.  

Also, to see how WordWriter, StoryWriter and ProjectWriter are connected to the Common Core State Standards is important as well.  
BoomWriter recently released the Civil Rights Activity Pack to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and Black History Month.  
It is packed full of wonderful resources such as the Civil Rights Vocab Sheet and a Civil Rights Lesson Plan.  

In the last few weeks, BoomWriter's ProjectWriter launched!

They shared with me, 

ProjectWriter allows teachers to conduct group nonfiction writing activities centered around Social Studies, Science and Technical subjects, and ELA. 

ProjectWriter lets students synthesize and share what they’ve learned in writing around key understandings embedded in individual units of study. Teachers can then use these submissions to assess the levels of understanding taking place on both a student-by-student and whole class basis. 

ProjectWriter is perfect for end-of-unit projects and we'll be releasing numerous lesson plans to help teachers easily incorporate topics from these subjects in various grades as well. 
I love everything about ProjectWriter!  Can you imagine having a tool like that in your library or classroom?  And the connection with nonfiction writing activities is so important for our young people.  

Also, I love how BoomWriter has included Built-In Vocabulary Tools within ProjectWriter that will help the students find words and phrases they might be looking for as they write.  
The personalized learning with students while using ProjectWriter and StoryWriter is very important. A teacher can use the submissions from students' to look at the level of understanding taking place within a group or individual setting.  

I can't wait to spread the word about the newest BoomWriter tools......They are tools that can make a difference within the curriculum, classrooms, school communities, and most all....

In the life and learning of our young people.  
You can see why BoomWriter is #1 Group Writing Tool In Schools.  Not only is it FREE and easy for teachers to use...

It is also bring our students together to be creative, to collaborate, and to use the higher order skills that they want to be successful with at school and beyond.
To find out more and sign up your school, visit the Schools & Educators page on the BoomWriter site.
You will also find them on Twitter at @BoomWriter_ and on the BoomWriter Facebook page.

I can't wait to see what you and your students create and learn with all three of the AWESOME BoomWriter tools! 

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