Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Setting Up Our Destiny Self-Checkout Station In Our Secondary Library With The Awesome New Scanner and Destiny Discover!


This fall, we purchased our NEW Easy Scan Scanner from Follett! I was so excited because this will help us set up our self-checkout station in the secondary library.

This will allow our students to check out their books when they come to the library. 

And most of all, it will give the students the opportunity to engage in our library in new and meaningful ways. They will love it! 

Let me show you how we do our self-checkout stations. 
First, I ordered the Destiny EasyScan Corded Scanner Kit from Follett. You will find this scanner and others here
When we received the scanner, it was easy to set up. We followed the Quick Start Guide, plugged it into our library laptop and it worked with Destiny right away! 
We used the booklet that came with it to set the beep volume too. 
After we got the scanner all set up, we logged into our Destiny to get it all set up for self-chekout.  

We found the instructions for Setting Up a Self-Checkout Station here on the Follett site. The instructions walked us step-by-step through the set up process within Destiny.
One of the most helpful parts is this image that shows how to Edit Patron Access and set up the Self Circulation Access. We love how easy Follett has made this within Destiny. 

Once everything was working, it was time to set up the self-checkout station on our circulation desk. 
I went to Canva and made a sign for the top of our laptop.  I took photos to use to make it super easy for all readers to understand the steps to check out books. 

You will find the template here to copy and edit for your use too. 
I copied it in color, laminated it and...
....taped it to the top of the laptop. 
The steps to our self-checkout are easy too!  In our elementary, they use a library card with a barcode. You can read about that set up here.  

In the secondary, we are having them just type on their student ID and make sure their name pops up. 
Next, they find the barcode on the library book and hold it under the scanner.  They don't have to touch the scanner.

All of our books have library barcodes that we order from Follett. You will find the Follett Barcodes here.

They are placed on the front of each book making it easy for students and teachers to find them. 
It will automatically light up and scan the barcode, checking the book out to that student. 

They will see the title of the book on the screen. 
That is all there is to self-checkout. 

We can't wait to introduce the new self-checkout station to our kids.  I know they will think this is cool! 
And guess what? All Follett Easy-to-Use Scanner are on sale right now through November 30, 2023. Find out more here, friends

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