Saturday, November 4, 2023

Let's StickTogether For Thanksgiving With This Interactive and Engaging Choice Board!


Our students love exploring choice boards around special events and topics throughout the year. 

They also LOVE the activities we bring to them from our friends at StickTogether. 

I love bringing these two things together! 
This new choice board is for Thanksgiving. I brought together read aloud, art activities and two different StickTogether activities. 

You can make a copy of this choice board here and then follow the directions below to set up one for your students and school community. 
The first StickTogether activity is a Virtual Stickerboard. You will find them here on the StickTogether site.

After you make a copy of the choice board, just add your own link to a Virtual Stickerboard for Thanksgivng or the fall. 
You will find a beautiful Thanksgiving Virtual Stickerboard...
...and several for the Fall. 
The second StickTogether activity is to have your students create their self portrait with StickTogether's Pixel Art Canvas found here

You can have them create Pixel Art or create your account and add the link to your Pixel Art Dasboard. Then all of the Pixel Art they create will go straight to your Dashboard making it super easy to print and share with your students. 
When you are finished making changed to your choice board, you will go to File, Share and Publish to the Web. That is the link you will share with your students. 

Have fun, friends.  I hope your students love this choice board too. 

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