Thursday, November 9, 2023

Celebrating STEAM Day at School and at Home with the PebbleGo Next Video Experiments & Our Mobile Science Lab!

This week we are celebrating National STEAM Day, which is on November 8th. This day recognizes the importance of STEAM education for all students and school communities. At our school, our students are part of an amazing STEAM program and our teachers weave experiences into their classrooms. 

On STEAM Day, I teamed up with our STEAM teacher, Megan Muyskens, to celebrate with her classes in the library. We wanted to create something special to bring STEAM into the homes of these students too. 

Megan and I LOVE the Video Experiments in PebbleGo Next Science and how they tie into the science articles and eBooks. We used these as inspiration in our STEAM Day celebration. 

The Video Experiments can be found at the bottom of the PebbleGo Next Science module. When you click on that button, will open up 9 awesome Video Experiments around 9 different science topics. 

I took these videos and put them into a new choice board, Capstone Science Lab.
We created the Capstone Mobile Science Lab choice board to pair up the Video Experiments with PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles and Capstone Interactive eBooks. 

When they click on any of the 9 Video Experiments above, it takes them to another slide with that video and topic. This is where we linked the PebbleGo Next articles, eBooks and additional instructions and questions. 

Here are a few of the Video Experiment slides...
We love how fun and engaging the science topics are in the Video Experiments. Our students will love learning from this choice board. 
As we got ready for the STEAM Day celebration with our 4th graders, Megan asked the teacher what they have been learning in science in their classroom.  

They just completed a unit on volcanos so Megan and I focused on that Video Experiment for our STEAM Day activity with the kids. It started by having them explore the Volcanic Eruptions slide for a few days. They read the PG and PGN articles, and the eBooks. They also talked about volcanos and asked questions.
On STEAM Day, I joined Megan and the 4th graders in the library for their STEAM class.  We kicked it off by showing them the Volcano Video Experiment. They couldn't wait to try this too! 
Megan explained the plan for the day and handed out the printed experiment directions, along with a pair of safety goggles to each student. We went to the lunch room to conduct the experiment. 
The students had so much fun figuring out how to attached the water bottle to their tray, measure the ingredients and combine them together to create their volcano. 
Megan walked around talking to the kids about volcanic eruptions and chemical reactions.  
After we cleaned up, we head back to the library and gave each student a Capstone Mobile Science Lab Kit to take home.  It included their own pair of safety goggles and a choice board card with everything they needed to access the choice board at home. 
The 4th graders were so excited and can't wait to do the Video Experiments at home.  
It was a great way to celebrate STEAM Day and to highlight the importance of STEAM in our school, community and homes all year long. 
You will find a template of our Capstone Mobile Science Lab here. You can attach links to your PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next and eBooks to use with your students and teachers too. 

Reach out if you have any questions. I am happy to help you, friends. 

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