Friday, November 24, 2023

Here Is A Collection Of The 2023 Best Books Lists, Friends. Find The Link To This Collection & Learn How To Create One Too.


I love this time of year when all of the Best Books lists are announced.  I always bring them together in a Collection by Destiny and started the 2023 Best Books Collection today.  You can find it here. I will continue to add to it as I find more and more of the Best Books lists. 

Let me show you how I made the Collection by Destiny.  You will find Collections up at the top of the page in your Destiny Discover. 
After clicking on Collections, click on Private and Create Collection, which is shown in the image above. 
You will put in the Title and Description of the Collection.  I made this Collection Public because I want anyone to be able to view and use this one. 
This is also the window where you can add an Image and Color. 
I create the images for my Collections in Canva.  If you create the size 600px x 400px it will fit perfectly. 
This is also where you can share by click on...
..that little share button to Share the Collection. For this one, I want anyone with the link to view the Collection. I can grab the link here and also share in Google Classroom or by email.  I can also add specific People to view and edit too. 
There are two ways to add resources to your Collections. You can click on the little + sign in the right hand corner. 
You can also add the Bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar. This makes it so easy to add any URL to any of your collections. 
You will see in the image above how I found another list, clicked on Collections in my bookmark toolbar and added it to the growing Collection. 

Collections by Destiny are such a helpful way to curate and share resources for your students, teachers and professionally too. 

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