Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Three End-of-the-Year BreakoutEDU Games For All Of Us To Use!


Our friends at BreakoutEDU have something very special for all of us as we celebrate the end of the school year. 
There are three end of the year BreakoutEDU games that all of us can get to use with our students.  

As they shared on their site, 

Breakout EDU games are the perfect way to end the school year. Our digital and Kit required games foster collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication, all skills we know are important. We have highlighted some of our favorite games to engage your students and get them working together. Our end-of-year games include digital games, Kit-Based games, and games that have both versions so you may choose what works best for your classroom. Breakout EDU games are meant to be played in small groups as collaboration is the key solving the puzzles. Students, as well as teachers, learn from each other as they work together to examine the clues, analyze the puzzles, discover the combinations, open the locks, and Breakout!

You will find the link to sign up here, friends. 

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