Monday, May 3, 2021

All Students Can Learn How To Code With The Ozobot Simulator!

Our students love programming our Ozobot robots.  They love being able to code them in two different ways and I love that they are perfect for all kids and all ages.  They are our favorite little robot. 

Last week, our friends at Ozobot announced a very special addition that I can't wait to share with our students, teachers and families.  It is called the Ozobot Simulator!  
In this awesome online simulator, students create a coded program for the tiny online Ozobot to complete. 
The Ozobot Simulator will be easy for students to use and set up as they select...
Light Effects, 
...and Loops.
They can run the program to watch what they have coded for the Ozobot.  This will be great for virtual learning and for all learning as it will teach the students how to use block coding to code the Ozobot.  

The Ozobot Simulator can also be used with a real Ozobot through the Bluetooth Loading.  It explains that at the bottom of the image above.  Our students LOVE using their ChromeBooks to code the Ozobots after they set up a coding program.  It is so much fun to see! 
Students can also explore the OzoBlockly Challenges from the Ozobot Simulator too. 
I am going to introduce this to our students today.  I added it to Our May Choice Board in the Coding column.  You will find that post with the choice board here

Have fun coding with the Ozobot Simulator, friends. 

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