Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Geography Fun Choice Board For Learning, Exploring and Traveling Around The World!

As we wrap up our year at Van Meter, we are putting together learning experiences where students can practice and sharpen the skills they learned throughout the year.  

The Geography Fun Choice Board is one of those places! 

On this choice board, I included the PebbleGo Next article about Maps and an eBook from Capstone Interactive using Capstone Connect.  You can read more about Capstone Connect and how to use it with choice board creation here

I also included two of our digital BreakoutEDU games.  There is also several places for all of our students to go to including National Geographic Kids, GeoNet, BrainPop and more. 
A favorite spot to go on this choice board will be the Virtual Field Trip Buncee which is loaded with dozens of places to travel to around the world.  You will find it here

You will find the link to this choice board here where you can make a copy to change or add your own items.  
After you have your changes made, publish it to the web and share that link with your students as shown in the image above. 

Our students love learning about different places around the world.  I hope you can use this for your students and school community too. 

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