Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Special Stick Together Poster and Poem For Poetry Month With Our 5th Graders!

During Poetry Month, I love bringing creative and collaborative activities to our students and teachers.  It is such a fun and meaningful way to celebrate this special month and poetry all month long. 

This year, I was so excited to see that our friends at Stick Together had the perfect sticker poster for us from their Poetry Series.  

As we hung up the poster, the 5th graders saw this beautiful poem by Robert Frost, Nothing Gold Can Stay, printed at the bottom.  

They immediately started guessing what it might be with the sticker colors and poem.  

One of the best parts of the Stick Together posters is that they can be an activity for individual students, 
groups of students, and even for...
...our teachers.  

They worked on this one for a week together and were very happy to see....
...the beautiful spring blossoms they created. 
And just as the Stick Together shares on their site

Spring blossoms peek through the pixels in this lush, new image. Now you can celebrate Poetry every day, as your group delves into this classic Frost Poem about beauty, innocence, change and loss.
You will find this poster on the StickTogether site here.  And guess what?  Right now it is on sale for $29.99. 

The 5th graders are already asking what is next for our Stick Together posters.  Stay tuned, friends.  We have a super fun surprise for them next! 

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