Friday, April 30, 2021

Bringing Learning To Life With Merge EDU For Our Kindergarteners Wanting To Know More About Frogs


I love finding innovative learning experiences that bring concepts and information to life for our learners.  

When I heard that one of our kindergarten teachers, Molly Wosmansky, and her students were learning about frogs, I thought of a learning experience that would do just that! 

I thought about Merge EDU and all of the amazing learning experiences it brings to our students and school community.  As shared on their site, Only Merge allows students to hold digital 3D objects, enabling the most engaging and enjoyable new way to learn. 
Within Merge EDU, there is a Science Simulation called...
...A Frogs Life. 
One part of this simulation is called Life Cycle of a Frog which show the metamorphosis from the time they are born to the time they become adults.  

By using our Merge Cubes, iPads and this Merge EDU science simulation, Molly's kindergarteners can hold learning in their hands while they see the life cycle of a frog close up. 
After I did a short demonstration of how Merge EDU and the simulations work with the Merge Cubes, our kindergarteners were able to partner up and go to the frog life simulation to explore. 
They loved moving through the different activities.  
Each is read to the students and then takes them into the simulation...
...where they can see the life cycle of the frog close up and in detail. 
They even figured out they could become part of this by putting their hands and even...
...their faces with the augmented reality simulation. They LOVED learning along with Merge EDU. 
It was also helpful to find A Frog's Life Activity Plan on the Merge EDU platform.  These are amazing resources and perfect to partner with the simulations. 
There are dozens of Merge EDU Science Simulations.  You can see most of them here in these images. 
As you are learning more and looking around, check out some of these too.  

You can find out more and sign up for Merge EDU here, friends. 

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