Monday, March 8, 2021

Make The March Book Madness Choice Board and Posters A Slam Dunk For Your Students Too!

It's almost time for March Madness and time to kick off our March Book Madness!   
Since we run our You've Been Book'd program with picture books all throughout the school year, these are the books that I pull to focus on during March Book Madness. 

We started with the You've Been Book'd focus last year and it was a big hit since all of the kids and teachers had read the books.  We also circulated them again during the March Book Madness, which helped remind our readers of the special books we included. 

As I started planning for March Book Madness, I went to the NCAA March Madness site to...

...find the schedule, which was very helpful in laying out our event.  
I also found and printed a few of the official brackets to show the kids.  They will think this is super cool and may even want a copy as they watch the games at home too. 

You will find the 2021 NCAA Basketball Championship bracket here
Another thing that was SUPER helpful was this awesome resource that our friends at Follett Book Fairs created.  They created several book brackets in Google Slides and Powerpoint for all of us to use as we create our own. 
For my brackets, I used the Follett Book Fairs Google Slides to make a copy.  I then changed things up within the slide by adding March Book Madness at the top of each, along with the type of books in the book competition. 

I added book covers from our 2020-21 You've Been Book'd program.  I picked ones that I heard the kids talk about and ones that they loved throughout the year. I just took a screen shot of the covers and added them to the slides.  

You can make this into a choice board by linking each book cover image to book trailers, information from an authors website, an article or interview, and even a eBook within our Destiny Discover.  
It can also be downloaded and printed as a colored or... and white poster for teachers to hang up and mark as they vote on their favorite books through the March Book Madness. 

And it doesn't just have to be picture books.  In fact, in the slides that Follett Book Fairs created you will find....
...Picture Books, 
Beginning Readers, 
Graphic Novels, 
Nonfiction and more. 

Just make a copy or download, change it up as you would like, and share with your students, teachers and community to get them excited about your March Book Madness event too. 

Happy March Book Madness, friends.  I hope it's a slam dunk for you and your students too. 

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