Sunday, March 21, 2021

Lots Of New Ways To Use Old Crayons To Celebrate National Crayon Day!

On March 31, we are celebrating National Crayon Day with all kinds of fun and creative activities at Van Meter like our choice board, two special events with authors, virtual StickTogether posters and most of all, TONS of art activities and projects with our hands and imaginations. 

As our students dream up ways to be creative with crayons, we kicked it off by...
...collecting old crayons from our families.  I tell all about this here in this post. 
Our students have been busy creating, inventing, brainstorming, collaborating and so much more with the crayons. 
It's wonderful to see! 
On March 10, on Crayola Education's Facebook Page, I participated in the live Crayola Education and Follett Classroom Teachers Ask event all about New Ways To Use Old CrayonsI shared lots of ideas from our kids and more!  

I hope it will inspire you as you make National Crayon Day plans, friends. 

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