Friday, August 21, 2020

A NEW Way To Kick Off Our Weekly Library Events, Learning and Monthly Celebrations!

On Monday, we start a new year with our students.  They will be learning at school and virtually at home. 
To include all learners, I have created a plan to share weekly library events, learning and monthly celebrations with our students, teachers and families.  
I created it in Google Slides so I can easily embed it into our Google Site and share on the teachers Google Classrooms. 
This will be a place to share weekly library events and monthly celebrations, and to connect students to the learning and creating that will take place during library rotations each month.
One thing I really wanted to make convenient and easy for our teachers and students at school and home, is to know the schedule of our Virtual Pop-In Storytimes, First Chapter Fridays and special author, illustrator and expert events that we will host each week from our library Zoom. 

I will be making a Google Slide like the one above each week to share at school and with our families at home.  I will print it off so they can have it in their classrooms and...
...embed it on the home page of our Continuous Learning and Library Google Site.  I will post it n our library and school social media too. 
On the weekly event slide, everyone will find the LIVE Virtual Pop-In Storytimes and... and illustrator event posters we will use to share the news and information on that special guest and event. 

We will have at least one special guest each week.  We are super excited about that. 
In the slides, we will also include the Library Rotation slides and plans for each grade level, TK to 5th.
These will be linked and embedded in each grade level page on the Google Site.

I want to make it organized and easy for students, teachers and families to find and access all information they need throughout the year.  I think this is a great start and I can't wait to see what works best and how we make it even more awesome for all!

You will find the Google Slides template in this post here.  As I create the library plans, I will share those in a separate post so you can use those for your school community too. 

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