Sunday, July 19, 2020

We Are Bringing LIVE Virtual Pop-In Storytimes From Our Library To Our Readers In The ClassroomsThis Year!

We have all been dreaming up creative and fun ways to kick off this year with special library events for our students and teachers.  
Our students love coming to the library to check out books every week with our library associate, Diana.  They also LOVE listening to her read books as she is always so much fun. 

Since they won't be coming to the library for weekly book checkout when school starts, Diana and I dreamed up a way she can still read to them throughout the week. 
We thought about how I did Virtual Pop-In Storytimes with all of our classes throughout remote learning.  You can read about this here

Then we thought, 

Why not make the virtual pop-in storytimes LIVE and offer them a couple times each day for our students and teachers to join in their classrooms?  

It will be a nice way to give teachers a little time to sit back and listen to special read aloud too.
So, starting on the first day of school, Diana and other special guest readers, will be LIVE at 10:00am and 2:00pm everyday on our Library Zoom to share lots of wonderful and fun books with our students and teachers.

These will not be recorded or shared on social, just shared in our LIVE Zoom calls every day. 

We will have the books focus around special themes such as back to school as shown in the Week 1 of Virtual Pop-In Storytimes With Mrs. Hockenberry poster above. As Diana loves dressing up and acting, lots of characters will be reading throughout the year. 

Diana and I will share the schedule on our library site and in the daily announcements, with a little reminder of the time every day.  We will make sure each class has a poster, as shown above, for their classroom.

You will find the template here....feel free to make changes and use this for your library.
And we will be handing out these special Virtual Pop-In Storytimes ticket bookmarks to everyone too.

You will find the template here.  Again, feel free to make changes and use. 

I can't wait to see what she comes up with and all the special moments this will bring our school community.  

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