Sunday, July 26, 2020

We Are Putting Our Library On Wheels To Make BOOKHUB Deliveries, Promote Library Programming, Bring Fun and More!

We have all been working on fun and creative ways to get books to our readers when school starts this fall.  I have loved following along with all of you to see what you are doing in libraries, classrooms and virtually within your communities too. 

As we go back to school at Van Meter, we will be delivering books to the students in their classrooms after they order them online in Destiny or with the...
...BOOKHUB program I put together.  
You can read all about BOOKHUB and find the forms, links and information here in this post
As we "shop" for the books in the library and gather them together for each student, we will deliver them to the classrooms by putting them in the library crates outside of the classroom doors. We have used these for several years as it gives students a place to put their books they want to return to the library when they get to school in the morning.  Mrs. Hockenberry (Diana) comes by and picks them up as school starts. 
I created a BOOKHUB sign for each class and we will hang them on the crate. We can't wait to leave the "Special delivery from your library" outside of their classrooms each week. 

We will be putting together the orders and delivering them on Mondays to each classroom.  We will pick up all of the books each Friday.  Once the books come back to the library, we will make sure to quarantine them for the recommended time by setting up stations at the library tables. 

As we set up the process of how we would deliver the BOOKHUB orders to the classrooms, we also needed a special way to put our library on wheels to not only make deliveries but to bring fun and excitement to our library program, services and resources. 

Here are some instructions and links to the materials to do this for your students, teachers and communities too. 
Diana and I went online to look for a new cart.  We need one where we can organize and separate books and materials, and one that has big magnetic ends where we can create mini library displays, like our bulletin boards they'd usually see in and outside of the library. 

We were super excited to find this cart on Amazon and ordered it in black to go along with our BOOKHUB theme and lots of other color combinations.
The first thing we will add it the giant BOOKHUB DELIVERY poster we had made that fits right into the spot on one side. 
I also ordered magnetic letters.  I ordered these in white and...
...jumbo ones

My family helped me think of other things that would make the BOOKHUB DELIVERY cart extra fun.  We thought of lights, reflectors, a bike horn and a couple magnetic boxes to start.  
I made a BOOKHUB DELIVERY flag for each grade level...
...and laminated them to stand up in the slots of the cart. 

Next, it was time to create some fun on each end of the BOOKHUB DELIVERY cart. 
One end is to display a few new books each week, to promote DESTINYFLIX and as a place to hold bookmarks and tickets to give the students and teachers. 
DESTINYFLIX is a place for our students to see what's next to read in our virtual library so I wanted to display...
...a poster of the virtual choice board they will find online.  These posters will be posted in each classrooms and...
...we have bookmarks that take them to DESTINYFLIX through a QR code. 
One of the magnetic boxes will hold the DESTINYFLIX and other Destiny bookmarks throughout the year.  We will be doing a lot of marketing and instruction around Destiny as this will take our students to all of our digital resources, Collections by Destiny and more.  

The other end of the bookcart will be to promote our LIVE Virtual Pop-In Storytimes we will be hosting from the library twice a day.
We will give students and teachers a preview of the books we will be sharing by taking bookcovers and using this magnetic adhesive tape on the back.
There are LIVE Virtual Pop-In Storytimes tickets to share with our students so...
...I have made a spot for these in another magnetic box. 

You will find each bookmark here.  Feel free to use and make changes. 
We hope the BOOKHUB DELIVERY cart and BOOKHUB LIBRARIES bring our students lots of happiness, fun and reading love all year long. 

Posters will go up in the classrooms, we will be sharing on social and our library website and we even have...
 ...adorable stickers being made by StickerMule we can pass out to students to...
...get them excited and happy about our library, books and reading throughout the year. 
You will find the Google Slides that I worked in to make these images here, the BOOKHUB LIBRARY signs for each grade level here and the grade level flags here

Feel free to make a copy and use them to make your very own BOOKHUB DELIVERY cart pictures, posters, stickers and more too. 

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