Sunday, May 17, 2020

You've Been Virtually Book'd For Virtual Field Trips Buncee & Choice Board!

Happy Monday, friends, 

I am excited to share this weeks You've Been Virtually Book'd For Virtual Field Trips! 

At our school, we have been planning lots of virtual field trips since our elementary students won't be going on their end of the year field trips as planned.  During our last week of school, our students will be visiting a farm, the Toledo Zoo, an author visit with the awesome Michael Buckley, and one with the amazing Kate Lemming, who is an adventurer and has biked around the world.
I also created a special choice board containing our Virtual Field Trips Schedule and Fun! This has our schedule and also includes the choice boards I created for the zoo, farm and Kate Leeming. You will find it here.

On this weeks You've Been Virtually Book'd for Virtual Field Tripsthere are all kinds of awesome field trips eBooks from Capstone including...
...a few from the Fantasy Science Field Trips series, 
Let's Take A Field Trip series,
Smithsonian Field Trip series, and...
...even this fictional story from the Field Trip Mysteries series.
I also included Do Not Bring Your Dragon to the Last Day of School since this is our last week of school and I know the students will find this one fun to read at home and together in virtual pop-in storytimes this week. 
I also included a Let's Take A Virtual Zoo Field Trip Collection by Destiny in the left hand corner which will take all kids to different zoos virtually around the world this week and throughout the summer months. 

You will find this week You've Been Virtually Book'd for Virtual Field Trips Buncee here to share with your students and families.  
This is the 8th week for the You've Been Virtually Book'd Buncee's with Capstone eBooks and eResources.  You will find them all on this special Buncee Board

And you can read all about our You've Been Book'd book program and find the template to make your own in this post from my blog

Have a great week, friends!  


  1. I am continually impressed by your creativity and willingness to share. Van Meter is lucky to have you. Thank you for all that you do.


    1. Thank you so much for your kinds words. <3

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