Monday, May 18, 2020

5 Ways To Use Pear Deck At The End Of The School Year

This year as we get ready for the end of the school year, it looks a little difference with remote learning.  As we end our last week at Van Meter, we are going to be using Pear Deck in a variety of fun and meaningful ways to end our time with our students this year. 
I brainstormed some ideas as we collaborated and prepared for these special connections with our students.  Let me share a few ideas with you! 

Here are 5 ways to use Pear Deck at the end of the school year....
1. Use a writing or drawing template to share a favorite memory of the year.
2. Use this template found in the NEW Library Media Templates to have students share their favorite book they read this year.
We used this one with our 2nd graders in a Zoom connection and they loved sharing in this template. You will find the Library Media Templates in this post to use too. 
3. Have students draw what they plan to do this summer.
Or use this one, to have them write or draw two things they want to do this summer.
4. Use this sweet slide found in the...
...Social-Emotional Learning templates to have them write someone else an end of the year thank you. 
 5. And in this slide, also found in the Library Media Templates, you can have students share how they find something to read in your virtual library over the summer.  This can turn into a wonderful conversation tying into how to find eBooks, audio books, Collections by Destiny and other resources in Destiny Discover and other places they read online throughout the summer months.

As you can see, there are dozens and dozens of way you can use Pear Deck to end the school year in a special and meaningful ways over the next few weeks. I hope you find ways to use within Zooms and other virtual connections, and by sharing in the student paced mode too. 

You will find Pear Deck here online and you can find these End of the Year Pear Deck templates here

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