Monday, July 22, 2019

FlipgridAR + Buncee Bookmarks = Back-to-School Fun!

I have been working on a little idea for back-to-school that I'd love to share with you! 

After creating bookmarks in Buncee for back-to-school, I thought it would be super fun to make them interactive with a message from my library partners and me! And not just any message, but a video message using the NEWEST feature in Flipgrid
 Last week, in the post, Making Reading Posters and Promotions Interactive With FlipgridAR
I shared how to add FlipgridAR, which look like a QR code, to reading promotion posters for a fun way to share what you and others within your school are reading. 
 When the FlipgridAR is scanned,
 the FlipgridAR pops up.  In this examples, you can see Isabella's video in the image above.
You can even take your fingers to make the video larger or smaller and move it around.  

I can't wait to make the Look What I Am Reading posters with all of our teachers this fall. 

But today, I am working on the Back-to-School Bookmarks in Buncee and Flipgrid....Let me show you how to do this for you and your school community too. 
I created a new Flipgrid for the teachers welcome back-to-school messages.  I am going to use these videos on our school website and an interactive bulletin board for back-to-school. 
I added the FlipgridAR code to the Buncee bookmark as an image.  You can move it around anywhere you want on the bookmark within Buncee.
I love the app smash of Flipgrid AR + Buncee Bookmarks for this....
 ...interactive bookmark project.

At Back-to-School night, you can hand out these bookmarks so students and families can scan the FlipgridAR to see your message pop up.  What an awesome way to celebrate back-to-school!

I hope you create some FlipgridAR + Buncee Bookmarks too, friends!
You can read how to create Buncee Bookmarks for Back-to-School in this post too. 

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