Friday, July 12, 2019

Buncee Bookmarks for Back-to-School!

Our students and teachers love bookmarks!  They are a special little treat to grab for their books when they come to the library and I carry them in my school bag to give out to them too. 

As we get ready to kick off the school year at the end of the August, I have been working on some new ones for back-to-school night to share information about our library with everyone. 
And guess what, friends?  We can now make super awesome bookmarks with BUNCEE! 

Let me show you how.
When you log into Buncee, there is now a Bookmarks category found on the left hand side.  You have two choices. 
You can Start From Scratch and add all of the different assets yourself.
You can also select from bookmarks they have already created from the Bookmark Templates, by clicking on one.
It will bring up the bookmark and you click on Use This Template in the right hand corner.
 This opens up the bookmark in Buncee where you can....
...add any of the assets to make it your own.  

It's as simple as that and look at all of these....
 ...special bookmarks that your students, teachers and families will love too! 

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