Friday, May 31, 2019

What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive? A Fun New Story From Our Friends At Penguin!

There is a new book I can't wait to share!  I know this one will be an instant hit in our library.
What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive? by Mark Lee and illustrated Brian Biggs, will have our readers laughing, excited and wondering what will happen next.
As shared by Penguin,
When a stegosaurus, a pterodactyl, and a triceratops all show up at Uncle Otto's car lot, he doesn't have a clue how to help them. After all, he's never sold a car to a dinosaur before. Luckily, Ava and Mickey--two kids with a lot of dino knowledge--are there to help pair each customer with the perfect vehicle. But here comes the T. Rex, and he wants to buy a car too! And he's surprisingly hard to please... So what kind of car does a T. Rex drive? A microcar? A convertible? A minivan? You'll just have to read to find out!
I absolutely love what Mark Lee and Brian Biggs created with book.  The illustrations, paired with this engaging and fun story, bring the story to life.  I found myself looking through all of the details on each page, adding to the curiosity the readers are feeling. 
When I opened my mailbox to find this book, I was happy to receive a cool surprise from Penguin....the What Kind of Car Does a T. Rex Drive? Storytime Event Kit! 
 It was filled with tattoo sheets,
 an event poster,
 and activity sheets like a word search,
 and drawing activity kids will love.
I can think of so many ways to use this book as it focuses around dinosaurs.

I am going to use it as an introduction to dinosaurs and tie in research by having students use Capstone's PebbleGo to learn more about the T. Rex and other dinosaurs from the story.
After reading the story and doing a little research, I am going to pull in a little augmented reality experience with the app Dinosaurs Everywhere! 
Won't they love this app?  I can just see them bring the school and world around them to life with dinosaurs.  We could even make their very own story from the pictures they take, putting a twist on this book and the title.  

I can't wait to do this project with our students! 
You will find the book here

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