Monday, May 27, 2019

Sketching Resources and Ideas!

Every summer, as we get out of school, I think of all the innovative things I want to learn and bring to myself and to my school community in the fall. This weekend I have been brainstorming a few things and decided to start with sketchnoting. 

Sketchnoting, or visual notetaking, is the creative process of sharing thoughts, ideas and knowledge through the use of illustrations, texts and symbols on paper or digitally with different tools and apps.
This has become a common practice for recording and sharing knowledge, ideas and events not only by teachers in a professional sense but also by students, which I love. 

And in fact, I do it all the time!  I am a doodler and when I take notes, I use the piece of paper as a canvas for my thoughts and the information I am gathering or learning.  I have always been this way, getting in trouble when I was little for writing on my dad's desk calendar or day dreaming in class as I drew all over my notes and papers. 

That is why I love sketchnoting so much.  If students have the knowledge, tools and freedom to use sketchnoting or visual notetaking themselves, this would support the creativity and choice in sharing their ideas and thoughts too.

As I was reading and gathering these resources, I came across this video being shared from Edutopia, The Powerful Effects of Drawing on Learning. It is perfect as it shows why drawing, and in that matter, sketchnoting, is important and beneficial to students.  

I will use this as a start of the conversation and practice at our school next fall. It will definitely open the door to sketchnoting. 
I added this video, along with lots of other resources and ideas, to the new Collection by Follett Destiny, Sketchnoting Resources and Ideas
which you will find here.  Please feel free to join me in this Collection to add and share more too.  

And with any Collection by Destiny, you can Make A Copy and take it for your use and Collections. 
I want to mention three of my favorite books that I have been reading...How To Sketchnote" A Step-by-Step Manual for Teachers and Students by Sylvia Duckworth
I also want to share one of my favorite places to get ideas is by following the #sketchnoting, #sketchnotes and #sketchnote hashtags on Instagram.  I LOVE seeing what others create and how they create their sketchnotes. 
Have a special holiday, friends.  I am getting back to my fun markers, notepad and a few great books to help me with my sketchnoting journey. I will be sharing on my Instagram @shannonmmiller throughout this journey and into the new school year in the fall too. 

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