Monday, November 23, 2015

Look At The Weather In Iowa With These Ms. Walker's 2nd Graders & Their Song "We Win In Winter"

This afternoon my friend Lynn Kleinmeyer who is the teacher librarian at Titan Hill Intermediate in Council Bluffs, Iowa sent me a very special message on Twitter.

She has been working on a winter song with the 2nd graders in Nancy Walker's classroom for the Winter Around The World project.  They used the Cantata Learning Winter...The Coldest Season of All book as their inspiration to write their very own winter song called We Win In Winter with Nancy.
Today they brought in our amazing friend Josh Allen to help them with the green screen recording so they could put a snowy scene in the background as they sang.
It sure looks like these three teachers had a wonderful time collaborating and working together on this project.

Way to go Ms. Walker and all of your amazing 2nd graders!  This is one of the best winter songs and it will be so fun for other children around the world to see what winter it is like in Iowa.
I love how the 2nd graders were dressed in their winter gear to make us feel like we were part of the snowy scene as they sang.

And just wait until you hear We Win In Winter from these 2nd graders in Iowa.  I hope they will inspire you to be part of our Winter Around The World project too.
This will be part of the Winter Around The World collaborative eBook that we are putting together for this project.  You can see it here

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