Friday, November 27, 2015

Hagan Gives The New "Voice Typing" Feature In Google Docs Two Thumbs Up!

Yesterday as Hagan was working on something in a Google Doc, I showed him a new feature that I just knew he would love.  

It is called Voice Typing and it is just what it says it is....You can type in documents with your voice. 
 This can be found under the Tools tab.  You just click on Voice Typing and it brings up...
the icon that asks you to Click to speak.  
When you click on it and start speaking the microphone icon will turn red and the typing will begin on your Google Doc.  You will be able to watch it and check for any mistakes.  This is really helpful to do as you go. 
As you are speaking, it will give you little hints to get started such as this one above.  It reminded Hagan that he could say "Period" and "New Line" to add punctuation with his voice too.
There is also this handy Doc Editors Help that will will give you lots of information to use the Type With Your Voice feature.

You can find it here.
The part about using punctuation with voice typing was especially helpful to Hagan.  

This is a powerful feature that Google has added to Google Docs.  It will be helpful not only to our students but also to teachers, librarians, and professionals as we keep up with the writing that we do everyday.  

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