Monday, November 16, 2015

How Do You Integrate Coding Into Your Library, Classroom and Home? Share With All Of Us Here.

As we all get ready for Hour of Code, and engaging our students in coding throughout the year, there are so many different resources and ways we can integrate coding into our library, classrooms and homes.

We would love to hear what you are doing with coding within your school community.

What programs and apps are you using?   What books and eResources are you using? When does it take place? Are they coding at home to?  Do you have special clubs?   Are you using special technology and gadgets? Is there anything we can do without technology?

So, let's all share these ideas!

I have a created a Padlet to do just this.
On December 8, I am presenting in the Follett Community webinar, Everybody Code: Teaching and Learning an Essential 21st-Century Skill.  I will be sharing these ideas during this webinar too.  

So please share your name, occupation and where you share all of these awesome ideas for coding.  I want to make sure I give you credit too.  

Thank you friends....I can't wait to hear from all of you. 

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