Monday, November 9, 2015

A New Look For Cantata Learning.....You Must Check Out All Of The Amazing Things On The Site!

Cantata Learning has a new look.  
Their website is singing for all of us to take a look!
I love how we can search the What, How, Why and Listen from the front page.  This makes it really easy to take a peak into all of the amazing things that makes up Cantata Learning.
 You can scroll down and see Featured Blog Posts and...
lots of What's New too.
On the top of the website, the navigation bar will take you through Products, Music, Research, Resources, and Contact. 

You can view the different Products by Browsing, Interest Level or Search. 
Once you find the book you would like to learn more about, just click on that title and it will take you to a screen featuring all of the information you will need.  This includes a place to listen and download each song.
I LOVE the Music tab from the navigation bar. This will take you into the different categories that all of the Cantata Learning music is organized into including Social Studies, Science, Social Studies, Nursery Rhymes/Folklore, 
 Math, Life Sciences, and Language Arts.  
I clicked on Nursery Rhymes/Folklore box because I wanted to find one of Hagan's favorite songs to sing with me from the Cantata Learning collection, Wheels On The Bus.  

All you have to do it click on that song and it plays from this page.  It also shows the length of the song which will be helpful too.
As the Cantata Learning website states...

Our founders and product developers believe musical resources give young children a healthy foundation for life-long learning.  Cantata Learning's goal is to provide resources to support intentional and purposeful teaching and provide a joyful learning experience.  Music and books will help you do your job, meet essential requirements and standards, and make a difference for children. 

Under Research you will find helpful materials and resources that support the importance of using music and books within your libraries, classrooms and homes.
One of my favorites places to go on the Cantata Learning website is Resources.  You will love the Blog Posts, Activities, Announcements, Presentations, Videos, Teaching Notes, Reviews and Testimonials and other fun things too.  
For example, you can print off your very own QR code posters that gives your students easy access to Cantata Learning's music.  
You can subscribe to receive the news and updates from Cantata Learning here which is found at the bottom of the Resources page. 

If you have questions about Cantata Learning, please visit the Contact page.  
I just know you will love all of the Cantata Learning books and music.....and just wait until you start Singing Your Lessons to your students.

They will love them too!  

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