Monday, December 29, 2014

Crumbles Is One Of The Coolest Web Tools I Have Seen All Week!

Before I tell you anything about this new web tool that I found, click here to watch the movie clip above that I just created.

That's right!  Crumbles is definitely one of the coolest web tools I have seen all week!
To create the video clip above all I had to do was type the words in the box that I wanted to say.....Crumbles did the rest by pulling cartoon and movie characters together to speak on my behalf.
This amazing new site takes clips from TV and movies to create a short video with a different clip from each word you type into the box.  For those words that are not supported, Crumble uses a computerized voice to generate the word in the video clip.  
You can create your very own Crumble with 25 words or less.  

The side bar on the right is a dictionary which shows you all of the words that are stored within the site to create the videos.  
What fun!

Thank you Crumbles....Click here to see our message to you!

I can see this being used within so many subjects and projects.  I can't wait to hear how you use it too.
You can find the wonderful creators of this web tool at @CrumblesApp on Twitter.   


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  2. My movie clip wouldn't play. What's wrong?