Friday, December 5, 2014

The Winter PopUp Library From StarWalk KidsMedia Returns!

My friends at  StarWalk KidsMedia are giving our children something wonderful again for the holidays.

The Winter PopUp Library is returning December 25 through January 5th! During this time every children reads all 520 of the beautiful eBooks found in StarWalk KidsMedia FREE.
My son Hagan and I love finding books within our MackinVIA from StarWalk.They have such engaging nonfiction titles that Hagan really addition to fiction and so much more.

You can read all of the details about the Winter PopUp Library on the StarWalk KidsMedia blog.
They have also created these wonderful cards to send home with your students. This is the perfect time for parents and children to explore all of the eBooks within StarWalk KidsMedia together.

You can print them off here and get them out before our holiday break.
 You will find more promotional materials here from the StarWalk KidsMedia website.
I love the bookmarks and....
posters that can be printed and posted around the library and school.
On December 24th everyone can start reading and add to the fun you will have over winter break.

Happy Reading Everyone!  Make this part of your holiday celebration too.

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