Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Have You Noticed All The Makerspace Stuff Lately? It Is Everywhere!

Have you noticed all of the Makerspace stuff lately?  It is everywhere!

I have been spending a little time on Amazon this week shopping for the holidays.  Almost everywhere I go there are wonderful things that I could purchase to make, create or tinker.

When looking for my niece Grayce's recipe box, I found this cookbook...The Maker Cookbook!  How fun is that!
I even ordered Little Bits right after the recipe box.....and they will be here in a couple of days.

And it doesn't stop there.
The weekend before Thanksgiving we were looking for a wreath.  At the end of the isle at Home Depot was a display with Makerbot printers.  I was very excited to see the printers and a ton of different colored filament.  It is now so easy to purchase and maintain....anyone can have one.  
When we were shopping for Hagan's Christmas presents at Target we came upon this fun, new display at Target.  I love the brand and words across the top...
Kids Made Modern!  This space was filled with materials that would rock in a Makerspace of any kind.
There is a great space on the Target website for Kids Made Modern too.  I love the words across the bag...

Let Their Imaginations Run Wild! 
Target teamed up with Todd Oldham to create this beautiful collection.
In the LEGO section, there were these little holiday packages.  So cute but check out what they are called...

LEGO Creator....Perfect to encourage creativity in all ages.
After seeing that theme of LEGO's I went home to look up more information of the website.

WOW! What a great place to go for anyone!  LEGO Creator is filled with all kinds of fun videos, products, and games....even a blog and contest.
But the BEST thing I found was this amazing LEGO Advent Calendar!  
When I clicked on December 16th....

a video popped up on the top of the site to show how to create something with LEGO's today.  Talk about making!  I can't wait to share this with Hagan....We will be able to have lots of fun making with LEGO's this season.
I wrote about creating a Makerspace To-Go and Makerspace Mobile last week.  It now has a special place in our house and we see it several times a day.

As we travel around for Christmas, have time to explore a bit more, and create a few more exciting things over the holidays, it will raise my awareness more and truly tune me into looking for all of the rich experiences and materials we can bring to our Makerspaces.

I think about the giant paper gift wrapping tubes....the empty tape rolls......the boxes things come in....things we recycle when bringing in the new.

What maker things are you finding?  Where are you finding them at?  We would love to hear your ideas and stories too.  

Please share in the comments below.....This will be fun.  


  1. We have mini maker space in the library now and I have a 3rd class that uses it every week (small groups) and the kids started bringing in all kinds of cool stuff for us to use/ recycle in the space. Only problem has been sometimes people send it stuff that they have not washed out!!


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