Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bringing Schools, Students, & Teachers Together Through buncee buddies & FlipGrid!

To celebrate the holidays this year, my friends at buncee and I have brought together several schools around the world to be part of buncee buddies.  This amazing group includes...

Chad Leman and his 3rd graders in Ixonia, Wisconsin

Tracy Ferguson and her 2nd graders in Van Meter, Iowa

Michelle Griffith and her 2nd graders in Lake Jackson, Texas

Tanja Galetti, Heather Goode, and Stacey Thompson along with their 3rd graders in Hong Kong 

Erin Klein and her 2nd graders in Pontiac, Michigan

Heather Lister  and her 6th through 8th graders in Hershey, Pennsylvania.  

These teachers and students are spending the next few weeks creating buncee's using bunceeEdu to show how they celebrate the holidays.  Some are creating them as a class or group....others are having each student create their very own buncee. 

When everyone has finished their buncee's all of the students will be sharing with their other buddies through email, Skype and a few other ways.  It will be very special for them to share similarities and differences in how holidays are celebrated around the world.  

To connect all of the buncee buddies we thought it would be fun to create a FlipGrid to share video taped messages with their friends around the world.  
FlipGrid is one of my favorite digital tools to use when collaborating with other students, teachers, and schools globally.  It is very easy to use, yet so engaging and fun. 

With each FlipGrid a teacher creates a grid with a question. 

The FlipGrid is shared with the students so they can respond with a video of themselves that is captured right into the grid.  I share the link on my Symbaloo webmix so students can get to the FlipGrid easily. 

The teacher then shares the FlipGrid so everyone has the opportunity to view all of the other video responses too. It is really fun to share the FlipGrid on Twitter or a blog, because then it extends their global audience and makes their voice heard around the world.  
On the buncee buddy FlipGrid we asked...

This holiday season we are bringing together several schools, students and teachers around the world for buncee buddies.  Let's all get to know each other by sharing where we are from and how we celebrate the holidays.  Happy Holidays.
My beautiful friend Mansai from Buncee left the first video message for all of our little buncee buddies.  
I love how each individual FlipGrid video message can be embedded and shared individually too within FlipGrid.  This is very helpful when students want to use their own video in a blog post, digital portfolio or when sharing it with their parents, friends, and teachers. 

We cannot wait to hear the messages from everyone and watch them become one big classroom through this project.  
Thank you Buncee for bringing all of us together.  We are thankful to celebrate the holiday season with all of you.

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