Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What An Event! The Digital Shift Free Online Conference Is Something You Must See!

What an event!  

Last week on October 1, 2014 was The Digital Shift...Libraries at the Center.  This amazing event was brought to us by Library Journal, School Library Journal, and sponsored by several publishers and organizations.  
The best part.....the entire day was focused on our shared digital future with these big questions...
  • How can libraries adapt and adopt emerging technologies and tools, new ways of learning, and the evolving publishing ecosystem?
  • How can libraries meet the 21st century needs of children and young adults?
  • How will libraries continue to be at the center of their communities?
They brought together a wonderful group of speakers focusing on three different themes, along with Poster Sessions throughout the day. 
I was honored to be part of the special group of speakers for The Digital Shift. 
I spoke with the Collaboration and Innovation group from 12:15 to 1:15pm.  My presentation is entitled Bringing A New "Voice" To Our Library and School With 3-D Printing.  It was so much fun to tell the story about bringing a 3-D printer and makerspace to the library at Van Meter School. 
To watch my presentation and all of the others, you just have to go to the archive and find the one that you want to watch.  This will take you into the presentation and also allow you to download the slides and share them as well. 
It was also fun to go into the Exhibit Hall to visit the vendors and the great resources and materials they have to offer all of us.  
I loved seeing what was new in the Junior Library Guild booth,
with my dear friend Seymour Simon and StarWalk Kids Media, and...
all of the exciting new things happening with Capstone, especially a sneak peak of PebbleGo Next!
You can print off a Certificate of Participation for each one of the presentations which is great for your portfolio and continued education.  

I hope you take some time to experience The Digital Shift online conference.  I know you will enjoy the time you spend there, just as I did.  
You can also read more about my experience with 3-D printing and our very special project in The Digital Shift article entitled Shannon Miller: Integrating Technology Into Curriculum Through Banding Together.

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