Monday, October 13, 2014

It's Time To Share Your Story Of Innovation For The Follett Challenge!

Empowering innovation and rewarding ground-breaking educational programs. 

This line caught my attention the minute I saw it!  I just knew that this was event was going to make an incredible difference in so many lives.  

That's right....It's time again for the Follett Challenge.  This is the third year for this event and there is so much excitement around it.  
As the Follett Challenge website states...

What does innovation look like in your school? Share your story of an outstanding 21st-century learning program for the chance to win your share of $200,000 in Follett products and services!
Show us your unique learning program and you could be a winner in the 2014-2015 Follett Challenge
If your school or district is designing innovative teaching and learning programs that prepare students for the skills they need in the real world, we want to hear from you. Your video and written entry will be judged by our expert panel of education thought leaders and voted on by the world!  The best of the bunch will be rewarded with a share of $200,000. Visit our Contest Info page for details!

All of the contest information is located on this page
The past Follett Challenge Winners from 2013 and 2014 are located on the site which will be helpful to everyone as entires are created for this years challenge. 
Also, one of the Follett Challenge judges created a video that tells how to make your entry shine.  
Stay connect and up to date on the Follett Challenge Facebook page and the Follett Challenge News
Last year when Belleville West won the Follett Challenge I was so moved to watch how much this meant to all of the students there.  It made an impact that will stay with this school community forever. 

This year, Follett wants to hear your story and how your innovative ideas and spaces will make a difference in the lives within your community too.  

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