Monday, October 6, 2014

Today Is Connected Librarian Day and We Can't Wait To See All Of You!

Today is a big day for teacher librarians, teachers, administrators, and others!  

In celebration of Connected Educators Month we are also celebrating Connected Librarian Day 2014 with the Library 2.014 pre-conference event.  

Connected Librarian Day will run from 1:30-8:30pm MST.  Please plan to attend and help us get the word out! Repost and tweet!  
Our hashtag will be:#cld14.

Here is the schedule for the day and you can also look at our page to see more about each speaker.

12:30pm PDT / 3:30pm EDT - Welcome and About the Landscape with Britten Follett, Joyce Valenza, Ross Todd & Shannon Miller
1pm PDT / 4pm EDT -Heidi Neltner on Your Stakeholder Connected Librarian Toolkit
agp 66c 239x300 Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)In the 21st Century, there are many options for staying connected to our school library stakeholders that include technology and good old fashioned face-to-face connections.  I’ll share some low-budget – mostly free!- tech tools and strategies you can use with ease to mindfully communicate your programming and success related to stakeholder priorities.
The 21st century school library leader recognizes that without keeping an eye on the future we may be doomed to remaining a prisoner of the past. With this eye on the future, the agile leader welcomes innovation, embraces change and thrives on chaos. But what skills are necessary to survive in the future? What do you need to do today? How will this affect you and your school community? Trends in knowledge construction, participatory cultures and social networks can give us the blueprint to successful leadership in our connected age. The good news is that by preparing today we can successfully meet the challenges of our global connected future of tomorrow.
MLuhtala Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)3pm PDT / 6pm EDT - Michelle Luhtala on “Flipped Learning and the Essential Tools to Get you There”
What does it take to flip your program? Not much! This session will work through ten tools that will help school librarians flip instruction and help promote self-directed learning. Tools discussed will include course management systems, library management systems, eContent Cloud collaboration tools, online voicemail services, text-based instruction, student response applications, playlist creators, screencasting, and blogs.
PBryan Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)4pm PDT / 7pm EDT - Patrice Bryan & Darcy Coffta on “Schools’ Vortex: Innovative Library Makerspaces”
The shift from consumption-based learning to creation-based learning means many schools are transforming the library into a makerspace. Award-winning, innovative programs attest to the success of this movement. We’ll look at what’s being done and how educators teach & students learn in this model. The ways we support and advocate for the change from a quiet environment to a bustling activity center will be explored by the panel, as well as ways to highlight & share successes with other schools. The two panelists will showcase recent success in their schools where the library is now the DCoffta1 Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)center of action. Here, learning is student-driven & project-based, & kids are producers and sharers of information. Collaboration is key and kids learn from each other. The panelists will share before, during, & after stories of their transition, including best practices.

 Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)MWinner 300x298 Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)
Kids hold the solutions to the world’s problems, but need the opportunity to rise to the challenge. We asked kids how they would change the world and then constructed a learning environment to do exactly that. What resulted not only translated to an epic win for all of the kids involved, but one of the most meaningful projects we as teachers have ever been a part of. And when the going gets tough, the tough find an incredible educational counterpart to join on the journey.
JLaGarde 269x300 Connected Librarian Day! (Updated!)6pm PDT / 9pm EDT - Jennifer LaGarde on “Imagining Library Spaces of the Future, Today”
Simply put, if your school library is still just a place where students go to check out books, you’re doing it wrong. Today’s school libraries should be places where students engage with information, each other and learners from around the world to ask big questions, solve real problems and build new knowledge. Let’s talk about ways that you can transform the library from a place where students simply consume information, to a participatory space where they create, design, engineer and build the information of the future.
7pm PDT / 10pm EDT - Closing Comments with Britten Follett, Joyce Valenza, Ross Todd & Shannon Miller.
Please spread the word and share our Smore flyer!  

We can't wait to see all of you tomorrow to join in the learning and to celebrate being a connected librarian and educator.  

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