Friday, October 10, 2014

Let's All Bring Together Resources and Brainstorm Ideas For Digital Citizenship Week

Earlier this week I posted Celebrating Digital Citizenship Week With My Friends At Flocabulary. We spoke about the importance of teaching our young people about being digital citizens and touched on a few resources to use for #DigCitWeek coming up October 19-25.  

Yesterday I received the tweet above from Seth Gutt on Twitter.  Seth is a teacher in New York and works with students through math and technology.  I read his tweet and loved that idea!  I just knew that others would too.  

So Seth and I started a Google Doc where we can all collaborate to share resources and brainstorm ideas for this wonderful week! 
You can get to the Google Doc here.  I have added a few things already and just found....
this great Symbaloo webmix too!  There are several that you find about Digital Citizenship within Symbaloo when you search under "Webmixes" in the right hand corner.

We can't wait to see all of the things you have to share too!  Let's make this an important and FUN week for everyone.

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