Sunday, September 15, 2013

GIANT Dots To Help Us Make Our Mark On The World Through Pictures!

I have a partner in crime in a lot of the crazy, fun ideas that happen in the library....Diana, our library paraeducator.  We both have come up with lots of ideas over the last seven years of working together in the library....

Last week was one of those as we planned for International Dot Day.  

We were brainstorming and planning Dot Day activities when all the sudden I had the idea to make a GIANT DOT to take our students picture with....You know one of those photo props that your head goes through.  

Why not a giant DOT!?!?!  

Diana went to ask our friend Joe, our awesome maintenance man, if he had any big boxes.  A few minutes later he showed up with one of the biggest boxes I have seen!  It was perfect.  
Diana cut the box in half.  With one sides, she created the BEST giant dot that looks so much like the Dot that Peter Reynolds created in his book, The Dot.  
We had awesome plans for the other half of the box too.  Diana cut a hole for their head in that one too and drew a circle with marker.  When the 5th graders came to the library, it was so funny to see her walk out of the office to show the kids.  

They all got out their iPads to take pictures of her and the dot, because we were on a photo walk looking for dots.
All of the students in our elementary are now making their very own mark on the dot.  When everyone has made their mark, we are going to paint black around the outside, just like the other photo prop Di made.  
On Monday we will finish up making our mark, get the paint on it, and prop the dot up to take pictures all week long as a part of our Dot Day Celebration.

Happy Dot Day Everyone!  What are you doing for your celebration?

How is your school going to make their mark on the world?

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