Monday, September 9, 2013

A "Start of the School Year" Offer You Just Can't Pass Up From SymbalooEDU, Mackin Educational Resources, Discovery Education, Capstone, and Others

There is VERY exciting news from several of our favorite educational companies.

Something AWESOME from all of them to help us kick off a new school year in the best possible way.  

As the SymbalooEdu websites states on "Start of the School Year 2013",

SymbalooEDU along with partners Edbacker, Mackin Educational Resources, Gynzy, Capstone Interactive, and Discovery Education are bringing free and valuable educational resources and web 2.0 tools for teachers and students to start this school year with tech. 

You will find information about who our partners are and what they are giving away on this page. Sign up below and you will receive information on how to redeem all offers included in this package.

Important note*: We will send you an email to redeem your package. It is crucial for you to submit your form for your SymbalooEDU Premium Account. You will receive a default webmix from our partners with information and links to redeem your resources. Due to the multiples promotions offered in this package, it will take 2-3 days for each partner to contact you with information to redeem each offer. If you have any questions, please comment below.

I love what they have included within this package!  All of the special offers will bring wonderful resources and tools to your students and school community.  

Two of my favorite resources that we use within our library and school are SymbalooEDU and MackinVIA.  Check out the offers from these two companies.....
A free trial of SymbalooEDU premium for 6 months and a SymbalooEDU Basic Certification.

Basic Certification will help your teachers learn everything they need to know about using Symbaloo (there are many features) and this will help teachers from figuring it out on their own.
Start your new school year with a SymablooEDU Premium Account, where you can manage and distribute all your online content.
This is a glimpse too of the "Start of the School Year" webmix that Symbaloo has created.  It is filled with all of the links to get you to these offers and much more.  
A free MackinVIA account and free eBooks is included. This offer comprised of close to 40 books for 3 different age/grade segments and has a value of $1,200.
You will receive an email from Mackin 2-3 days after your request for Start of the School Year Package. In order to receive the free eBooks, you must register at first and then sign up for a FREE MackinVIA account to be able to download the free books. MackinVIA members are able to access monthly promotions include free database trials and other useful offerings from their publisher partners.

And don't forget to also check out all of the offers from the companies below in the "Start of the School Year 2013" post.
We are lucky to have these companies partner to bring us this back to school package.  I encourage you all to sign up and take advantage of the awesome resources they have to offer.

SymbalooEDU, the eBooks and eResources we have in MackinVIA, and other digital tools, have made such a difference at our school and in the lives of our students.  

With this offer, they can for you too.


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