Thursday, September 26, 2013

4th Graders Inspired To Sing An Original Song By Robert Forbes For Dot Day

We have something very special to share with you for International Dot Day

It is an original song by our wonderful friend Robert Forbes.

When Robert and I realized he would be out of the country for Dot Day, he sent me something very special to share with our students.  He wanted to make his mark on this day at Van Meter too.

And he did with....
a song that he wrote for us to sing and share.  It is called Dotty For Dot Day.  It is based on Peter Reynolds book The Dot and is sung to the tune of Roll Out The Barrel.       

When he sent it to me I was so excited.....I sent it right off to our elementary music teacher Marsha Fries.  She was also excited and loved the idea of being able to incorporate Dot Day into her classroom and curriculum for this special celebration too.

The 4th graders at Van Meter have learned Dotty For Dot Day and have been practicing for a few weeks.  Today they were all ready to share it with everyone....

Especially Robert.

This is for you, Mr. Forbes from the Van Meter 4th Graders.....
The kids did such a wonderful job and really enjoyed singing the song that he wrote for them to sing.  

They have gotten to know Robert through Skype's and other connections with his fun poetry.  
For Dot Day, they also created Haiku Decks using pictures that the took with their iPads....You can read about the project here.

Robert took AWESOME photographs on his trip, added them to his "Bob's Dots!" set in Flickr, and shared it with the kids and I.  

They loved looking at all of the dots he was finding on his trip and these really inspired them as they set off to take pictures of their own.  
Thank you Robert for writing this song for us and adding to the fun and special of our Dot Day celebration.  To see the 4th graders looking at and singing your song today was pretty neat....I couldn't wait to share it with you.
They learned all about writing your own music, putting it to a familiar tune, and performing to share with a bigger audience than the walls of their music room.

You always bring so much to us at Van Meter.....Thank you.  You definitely "Made Your Mark" on the world.


By Robert L. Forbes
Based on the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds
(Sung mostly to the tune of Roll Out the Barrel)

Hooray today is Dot Day! 
We’ll have giggles and fun
Making dots my way and your way –
Make lots of dots everyone!

Use marker, computer or paint brush, 
Grab scissors, paper and paste 
Have fun with your imagination –
Dots don't care where they’re placed.
If you can't draw just make a mark; 
Let it be your bright spark. 
Now make another, there you go!
Your dots are flowing! What a show!

Dot! Dot-dot!

Dot-dot- dot-dot-dot-Dot! DOT!
So join us and make dots on Dot Day.
In yellow, green, red or blue,
Or black and white, or light grey,
Or purple – it’s up to you.

They can be large or teensy,
You can make lots or just one.
So, what’s in your imagination?
Let’s see all the dots you’ve done.

Now, share your dots with everyone!


  1. What a wonderful collaboration between your school and Robert Forbes. I added your post to Stanley & Katrina's Dot Day Linky and invite you to stop by. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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