Friday, September 13, 2013

A Little Sneak Peek Of Our Dot Day Planning From The Library

Dot Day planning is well under way at Van Meter.

In fact, our celebrating for Dot Day is already here as we get ready for a week of awesome activities, connections, creating, collaboration and fun. 

We started out our day with the Miss McClintock's kindergarteners.  Diana told the kids about a project we were going to do that required them to make their mark by creating a coffee filter dot.    
They were excited and really loved creating dots for the first time.  
For this project all you need are plain white coffee filters and washable markers.  The kids create designs that cover the coffee filter with the markers.  

After they are finished, spray the coffee filter with water.  We put our coffee filters on paper towels so the water is absorbed as they dry.  
I just love the dots our littlest ones created.
At the end of the day Mrs. Smith's 2nd graders came for library and technology time.  They were so excited to listen to Diana read The Dot again.  

And when she told them we were making coffee filter dots they were even more excited!  
The 2nd graders created beautiful dot day designs.
They definitely made their mark with these dots.
They carefully laid them all out and everyone looked at each others creations.  It was fun for them to see how one was different from the next.
Our friend Eve took a picture of their dots so we could post it to our new Van Meter Library Voice Instagram.
This is just one way our young people will be making their mark on the world next week....

And all throughout the year.  

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