Sunday, April 14, 2013

What A Special Visit From Author Erin Keyser Horn

Last Friday we had a very special visit from young adult author Erin Keyser Horn. She visited our library with Cindi Brynes' 4th graders.  
her second book River's Edge was just released this week.  
Erin gave an amazing presentation about her journey of becoming an author.  I especially loved hearing about her 4-H, FFA, and growing up on a hog farm in a little town experiences.  :)  Just like me.  

The 4th graders had lots and lots of great questions for Erin and we took time to answer all of them. They are always so interested in authors and what they did to get their books published.  Another popular question is, "Do you have a pet?"  Always.  
 Erin brought us all these bookmarks which tell about her two books.
 They loved getting these from her to take home.
Erin has a website where you can keep up with her books and all of the great things she is doing.
I also enjoy following the Erin Keyser Horn Facebook page.
Erin and I were already making plans on Facebook earlier for her next visit.  We are going to plan a "Writer's Workshop" in December when she comes.  I cannot wait.  The kids will learn so much from her and we will have a blast too.

Thank you Erin for coming to the Van Meter Library.  We loved having you visit and learned so much about you and your books.

I can't wait to see them pop up now around our school in the hands of our students.


  1. Thanks for the invitation, Shannon! Had so much fun talking to this great group of students! Can't wait to visit again in December! :-)

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