Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sweet Little Bird Tales From Our First Graders....."Poems About Me!"

Poetry Month has brought a whole new level of fun and creativity to our classrooms, teachers, and students.  I just love seeing all of the amazing poems and projects they are creating. 

Our first grade teaches Deb Saylor and Kayleen Bertman created "I Am" poems with their students.  They then made little posters for the students to write the words that described them.  The best part....their little faces peaked out of a hole to really show who they were.  

This is Colton.  I love his "I Am" poem and poster.  He did such a wonderful job.   
In library yesterday, all of the first graders brought their "I Am" poems.  

Last week I taught them how to get to Little Bird Tales by themselves from the 1st Grade Symbaloo. We have created Little Bird Tales together, but never by themselves.  
They logged into my LittleBirdTales, found their tale in "My Tales", and then their page.  Miss Saylor uploaded all of their pictures into LittleBirdTales so it was easy for them to find their page.  
Once they find the page that their picture was uploaded to, they started typing their "I Am" poem into the space marked "Text".  
Next week when they come, we will be recording their voices over the pages.  So again, each student will log into the account and they will all be able to find a quiet spot to record their poem as well.  

When the students finished, they were so eager and happy to help their friends.  I had 6 helping for most of the class time....It was really fun watching them be the little teachers too.  
Eve and I also tested out the Little Bird Tales app on my iPad.  We think it is awesome because it looks just like the website.  We are going to use the iPads and laptops now to record and put the finishing touches on our class eBook.  
Here are a few more of our very very excited students.

And just like Charli's, there are so many amazing "I Am" poems that the 1st graders wrote.  I can't wait to get their voices recorded and listen to the eBooks together with the kids.  

They will just love what they create.  And I will too. 


  1. Love this idea!! I'm going to have to steal it for next year! Or I'm going to fit it in during May! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Stacey,

      So glad you can use it. :) LittleBirdTales turn out so cute....I love them and the kids absolutely love creating them.

      Have a wonderful day, Shannon