Monday, April 22, 2013

A Little Poetry Slam With Our Kindergarteners and Mrs. P To Celebrate Poetry Month!

We have this very very special friend who we love inviting to our library.  She lives on an island; has hundreds of animals; and is best friends with the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and even the Easter Bunny.

Her name is Mrs. P and she is the best!  Mrs. P visited our library last week to celebrate poetry month with our kindergarteners for a little Poetry Slam.

All of the kindergarteners created acrostic poems with their names.  The kindergarten teachers Christa McClintock, Brooke Gadberry and Lynne Caltrider helped their students write them in the classroom. They wrote their name down the side of a piece of paper and then thought of words or statements that described themselves for each letter.  On the day Mrs. P came to the library, the students brought their poems with them.
The kindergarteners took turns reading their poems to Mrs. P and their friends in the library.  It was so much fun to listen to other rhymes she had for their names.  What a GREAT job they all did.  We all learned a lot about each other as they read their poems. 

She loved every single one and we decided that EVERY ONE of them were winners for our poetry slam. 
Mrs. P then told us a couple of stories.....a couple of very TALL TALE type stories.
When she is telling us stories, they don't even move.  They get so wrapped up in her storytelling. She is a wonderful storyteller and we are so lucky to be part of her stories.

They then asked Mrs. P a few questions. They are always very curious about her newest animals, her friends, her house, and even the goats that drive the jeep around her property.  It is so much fun......for the teachers in the library too.
Please make sure you check out Mrs. P's amazing website....Mrs. P's Storytime!  Our kids at Van Meter just love going to her website where they can play interactive games, find fun activities, and read all about what Mrs. P has been up to on her blog.
Also, the Magic Library will take you to Mrs. P's YouTube channel where you can listen to her read several stories.  We love having Mrs. P read to all of us in our library....and the kids also go to Mrs. P's Magic Library and website at home too.

You can find Mrs. P on Twitter at @mrspstorytime and on Facebook.
We are also very honored and excited to announce that Mrs. P will be one of our special guest star judges for our Poetry Summit on May 17th. We will have more information about this event very soon....Everyone will be able to join us by watching the Google Hangout and using #PoetrySummit.

Thank you Mrs. P.....We think you are just amazing and we always LOVE when you come to visit us at Van Meter.  You are one terrific friend and mentor.

We are putting all of the kindergarteners acrostic poems together into a FlipSnack and can't wait to share this with all of you too.

Love, The Van Meter Students, Teachers and Me

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