Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Bird Tales From Our First Graders......They Are Published and Ready To Share!

In the beginning of April I wrote a blog post entitled Sweet Little Bird Tales From Our First Graders....."Poems About Me!" Our students were using wonderful "I Am" poems they wrote in their classroom to create a collaborative Little Bird Tale.
 Each of the students had a turn to read and record the words that they created.  
I especially loved how they were so confident and helpful with one another. 
You can view "Mrs. Bertman's Fancy First Graders" by clicking on the picture above or link here. 

We are all very proud of your first graders, Mrs. Bertman....Their story was beautiful.  

One we will listen to again and again. 


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  2. I am Little Bird. I am happy. I am blue. I have a yellow belly. I am fun. I am friendly. I am creative. I am versatile. I am educational. I am VERY impressed with Mrs. Bertman's Fancy First Graders. I am Little Bird.