Saturday, May 5, 2012

The 2nd Graders Using Skitch and Evernote with eBooks in Mackin VIA

I have been having the best time working with the second graders on their research projects about communities and animals.  This is the third week of the project.

As they learn about Evernote and Skitch, I am learning so much too.  Just listen to Meridan tell how to use Skitch with the eBooks in Mackin VIA and store them in Evernote....You will see what I mean.
I purchased several new eBooks about "My Community" from Mackin for this project.  Once they were in Van Meter's Mackin VIA, I created a new Group called "My Community", which contains eight eBooks. Last week we let the students spend time reading and researching within the eBooks.  They were able to put them into their Backpack in VIA and encouraged them to read at home too.  
On Thursday, I taught them how to use Skitch on the desktops....they had only used it on the iPads when they Skitched the photographs they took on our town walk.  Of course, they caught on quickly as there are not a lot of differences between the two platforms.  
As they read the community eBooks, the students found pages that they wanted to annotate with Skitch and include in the class FlipSnack we are creating as a culminating activity.
 I loved seeing what pages they picked to annotate.
They had fun personalizing their reading with Skitch.  Riley made a great connection to our firefighters in Van Meter from the eBook she was reading.  
Once they had the eBook pages Skitched, I asked them to store them in their Evernote accounts.  By clicking on the "Save" in the right hand corner, they are able to sign into their account and save the Skitched image.  
After the images were saved, I had them check in the History to make sure they were in Evernote.  
I really love how the History also tells the name of the Skitched image.  It is especially nice with the eBooks as the publisher and title are automatically named. This is extremely helpful and important as the students are using eBooks and online resources in their research.
Next week, the second graders will be creating citations using EasyBib to include on a page in the back of their FlipSnack eBook.  

They will also create a super fun title page using ComicLife, Wordle and PicMonkey.  

I cannot wait to see where next week takes us as we approach the end of this project.  

And I cannot wait to share their FlipSnack's with all of you!  

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