Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Second Graders Community Walk with the iPads and Evernote

Last week, we continued the Evernote project with our second graders.  One of the classes is doing a project with communities for our Evernote pilot so Tracy Ferguson and I took them on a walk through Van Meter with the iPads.

Before we left their classroom, all of them logged into their Evernote accounts on their iPads.
They took photos of each other and themselves before we left the classroom.  This was the start of their community walk.
Being the first time that we took the iPads outside, Tracy and I spent a few minutes going over once again how we carry them around town.  :)
The second graders took their own photograph in front of the school.  
I loved watching them make sure they got the one they wanted to use in their community project.
Once they had a few photos taken, the second graders saved them within their Evernote account.
They labeled them too.
We made a quick stop at the playground...
before we set off around town.
The little people took photos of themselves in front of the Van Meter Vet Clinic...
Van Meter City Hall
and silly ones with the librarian at the Van Meter Public Library.  Riley had so much fun with Jolena Welker at the library.
We made a stop at the post office and
And our community walk wouldn't be complete without a stop at the Bob Feller Museum,
Wells Fargo bank and 
Tropical Snow...a favorite summer place for all of us.
When we got closer to the school, the second graders got great photos of the fields and school. 
When we got back to the classroom, the students took their photographs and used Skitch to make remarks about their community.  When they were finished annotating, the images were stored in their Evernote accounts.  
As you can hear from Chaney, they did an awesome job with this part of the project. 
And Riley made sure to tell us all about the fun she had with Jolena. 
This week we will continue our Evernote project by researching within the eBooks we have about communities.

We are all having so much fun and can't wait to start creating eBooks of our own in FlipSnack!

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