Saturday, April 21, 2012

Two Iowa Schools Create A Little Poetry In Their Libraries

To celebrate National Poetry Month, my amazing friend Kathy Kaldenberg and I decided to do a collaborative poetry project with our students at Solon and Van Meter Schools.
Kathy and I found two teachers who would also like to create and connect their students for this fun project.  Ivy Nielsen and her 9th grade language arts students along with Shawn Hyer and his 7th grade reading students visited their libraries and created FUN spine label poems.
Shawn and I also invited Tracy Ferguson and her second graders to join in the creation of poetry at Van Meter.  It was so much fun for all of the young people to work together to create awesome poems to share with Kathy's school.

After the spine label poems were created, Kathy and I uploaded our photos into my Flickr and created the Animoto above.  We cannot wait to share this with everyone and show it in our libraries during the last week of National Poetry Month next week.
Next week on April 26th, we are also going to celebrate POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY at each of our schools.  On this special day, everyone picks a poem and puts it in their pocket to share throughout the day.  
At Van Meter, all of our students, teachers and others are getting their poems ready.  

My teaching partner, John Schu and I have activities planned for Poem in Your Pocket Day and throughout the week.  (You can see how we celebrated Poem In Your Pocket Day last year.)

And we are so excited to share with Kathy's school and others around the world too. 

Have a wonderful week celebrating words and the voice that poetry gives all of us. 

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